You can get John’s ‘Hey I Got News For You’ now on iTunes - what’re you waiting for!?

Killer tune from our Tin Angel labelmate…

Don’t mess

Ben at Tom Brosseau recording session. Photo by @richtinangel (at Cube Microplex)


Tom Brosseau’s down in Bristol (UK) recording today, so here are a few snaps of him and the guys at work from Rich who’s down there with them too!

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Some pics of Ben recording with Tom Brosseau in Bristol today…


Fancy a download of Opal Onyx’s ‘Black and Crimson’ or John Southworth’s ‘Hey I Got News For You’ on us? Click the link’s below to grab them, and don’t forget to share too. Enjoy!

'Black and Crimson' | 'Hey I Got News For You'


Some nice snaps of Devon and Two Wings down in London at The Dentist show over the weekend!

The bottom right photo in this set’s a bit Warhol-esque if you’ve ever seen the film of him noshing on a BK whopper..? Think we here at Tin Angel Records could find a hit in 'Devon Sproule Eating an Apple'?

Adventures in London…

This way madam

Great night performing with @john_southworth last night!